World Shale Energy Day Is Worth Celebrating!

World Shale Energy Day Is Worth Celebrating!

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[Editor’s Note: World Shale Energy Day, created through the leadership of Jim Scherrer, is a time to reflect on all the benefits, including very green ones, of shale energy.]

All over the world people are now celebrating shale energy in both big and small ways!

Jump on in and have some fun!

Let’s give a shout to shale energy and the people who make it happen!

World Shale Energy Day

We all can be proud to celebrate the transformative benefits of this valuable resource on World Shale Energy Day, March 17th, 2023 at the organizing web site

Celebrate All over the World – If you wish to celebrate World Shale Energy Day, reach back for more details on how to participate.   Posting on your social media channels includes the Hashtag is #WorldShaleEnergyDay.   If you have an innovation, send details to us and we’ll post it on the organizing web site at

Shale Energy Brings Security – At no time was it more evident than now, the high value of energy security benefits afforded by the Shale Energy Revolution. With countries all over the globe scrambling to ensure energy security amid the Putin-directed war on Ukraine, the shale energy resource has demonstrated its ability to provide independence and national security. Because of its pursuit of shale energy, Americans now enjoy the status of a top oil and gas producing country and a net exporter of energy; helping America’s geopolitical standing in the world and enhancing the impact of it’s own national security.

National Security and a Healthy Economy – Discovering, capturing and distributing shale energy has protected jobs, created economic opportunities and aided national security for nations choosing to pursue this valuable resource.

World Shale Energy Day

The economic and national security outcomes of a robust domestic shale resource initiative are substantial. Horizontal drilling, hydraulic power and other supporting technologies have unleashed vast global natural resources and made their nations enriched by creating high-paying jobs and delivering meaningful consumer price savings.

Those nations with a ban on shale resource recovery have suffered losses in jobs, experienced price spikes at the gasoline pump and higher electricity costs; while jeopardizing their national security and independence.

So, let’s give a shout out to shale energy this World Shale Energy Day!   And, a pat on the back and gratitude to all the Sponsors and Supporters of this important day found here:

Check out the details at the Social Media Dashboard here:

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