Logistics and Supply Chain Consulting

Ohio River Corridor is the perfect source for your needs:

  • We know where the proper resources are to help maximize your location.
  • Your location can be close to raw materials and plenty of new customers.
  • We’ll help you understand the best rail, road and river access points. 

Ohio River Corridor, LLC provides logistics and supply chain consulting for domestic and international companies looking for a home in the United States that provides a unique ability to be near both raw materials for production and a deep and wide ranging customer base.

We can help your organization uncover the right strategic advantage for your new or existing business along the corridor. Given our experience in the region we’re adept at helping organizations that may be unfamiliar with the area better understand the lay of land with the knowledge that shows you where the proper resources, suppliers, transportation and even competitors are located.

Finding the right location is about more than getting the right property for the right price. It should always be a sophisticated decision-making process that minimizes risk and maximizes potential. You get one crack at placing your facility in the right location. Ohio River Corridor, LLC, can help you better understand these critical decision factors:

In a world consumed by better, cheaper, faster, a nuanced understanding of your logistics and supply chain needs can help your organization be more efficient, increase service and production levels, exceed customer expectations, and increase your bottom line.