Qualified Workforce

The Ohio River Corridor offers:

  • A qualified manufacturing workforce is ready to be out to work creating a new Plastics Belt.
  • Vocational schools and community colleges are training a new generation of labor.
  • We can help you tap into a trained workforce that’s eager to get to work.

Ohio has a long history of manufacturing and skilled labor. Ohio’s industries were integral to America’s industrial might that helped grow America throughout the 20th century. Worldwide restructuring of the steel industry and other manufacturing sectors took jobs away as heavy industry output declined everywhere.

Despite that loss of industry, the tri-state’s trained labor force, buttressed by newcomers thanks to the wide availability of vocational educational programs, is still here and ready for new challenges.

As Ohio moves from the Rust Belt to the Plastics Belt, Ohio’s journeymen and women are poised to transition to jobs in the petrochemical, plastics and energy sectors.

Several regions along the corridor are capable of providing tremendous pools of labor.