Where is the Ohio River corridor?

The Ohio River corridor is a swath of land that stretches from Monaca, Pennsylvania, home of the Shell ethylene cracker plant downriver to Parkersburg, West Virginia and Southpointe, Ohio. The entire region is rich with an abundant feedstock, a skilled labor pool, a great transportation infrastructure and is located in great proximity to customers and suppliers.

What is Ohio River Corridor, LLC?

Ohio River Corridor, LLC is a petrochemical, plastics and energy site selection and commercial real estate services company that specializes in site selection along the Ohio River from Monaca, Pennsylvania, home of the Shell ethylene cracker facility, downriver to Southpointe, Ohio and Parkersburg, West Virginia.

We can help you make sure your location needs match up to your company’s long-term strategic goals by finding just the right location for your organization.

Why should an organization work with a professional site selection consultant?

A professional site selection consultant is perfectly suited to ensure there’s a match between your site location needs and your company’s strategic goals.

Site selection consultants help by providing expert, impartial advice to assist organizations in finding the right location to support business strategy, evaluating the benefits and potential pitfalls of a new location, determining is expansion (or contraction) of a location is beneficial, working with economic developers for the best incentive packages and advising in your entire decision making thought-process.

A great many factors go into selecting the right site. And since you only get one change to locate your business in the right location, a site selection consultant can help you weigh your needs with an area’s assets.


How does a site selection consultant work?

We follow a standard process to help organizations better understand all of the challenges inherent in finding a new location. We’ll engage in a significant period of discovery to understand your needs and apply those to the area (or areas) in which you’re interested. Our team will analyze the opportunities that are available, including economic incentives available from a multitude of government and private development organizations and make a recommendation we feel is best. Throughout the entire process we will be in constant communication with your site selection group to ensure a positive result. We even have a selection of our own listed properties available.


How can Ohio River Corridor, LLC help our organization?

Our knowledge of real estate along the Ohio River corridor, which stretches from Monaco, PA, home of the Shell ethylene cracker plant to Southpointe, OH and Parkersburg, WV is extensive. We can help with site selection consulting for petrochemical, plastics and energy companies to make sure they are provided with the best opportunity for success within the corridor. We can also help with logistics and supply chain consulting. And once we’e located the perfect site, our exceptional brokerage services, offered through NAI Global, can help with the transaction.

Are there incentive packages available to organizations looking to locate along the Ohio River corridor?

The short answer is yes! But discovering and understanding those incentives and learning how to make them work for you is another way we can help. The Ohio River corridor includes three states, multiple counties, cities, townships and other municipalities plus a myriad selection of public-private economic development organizations all working together to enhance the region. What’s your best entry point into all of that? Incentives can range from financing and utilities assistance infrastructure improvements, tax exemptions and abatements, permit expediting, grants, training and workforce help and more. We have relationships with all the best people up and down the corridor all ready to help you make the best decision for your site.