Natural Gas – 100 Years Ago Today, September 30, 1922!

Natural Gas – 100 Years Ago Today, September 30, 1922!

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Natural gas news from a hundred years ago offers great perspective for discussing one of the cleanest sources of energy available then and still today.

I thought it might be fun and illuminating to look back 100 years ago at what was happening with natural gas. It is eye opening, given all we’ve learned over the last century. There is, indeed, little new under the sun, as our stories repeatedly demonstrate. Read our 100-year old news items on the subjects of natural natural gas, city dads, heat in a minute  and Cat Creek Fever.

Natural Gas, Naturally!

Well, yes, it is natural, as green as could be!

30 Sep 1922, Sat The Courier-Gazette (McKinney, Texas) Newspapers.comnatural gas history

We need more of this sort of communication, don’t we?

“City Dads” Promise to Investigate Natural Gas Franchise Proposal!

“City Dads” is a phrase I’ve never heard before after more than four decades of work with municipal government, which is what caught my attention, but note this is yet another example of how natural gas has, for more than a century now, bringing prosperity to one town after another; Wilmington, Ohio in 1922 and several towns in Northeastern Pennsylvania over the last few years.

30 Sep 1922, Sat Wilmington News-Journal (Wilmington, Ohio) Newspapers.comnatural gas history

Note, also, the rate. It is equivalent to $29.22 in today’s dollars, illustrating what an incredible bargain natural gas has become over the years, with today’s actual price, as high as it is compared to a few years ago, being only $17.55 to less than 60% of 1922’s when it was also considered a steal!

Flood Your Room with Heat in Just One Minute!

Here is another of those Humphrey Radiantfire heater advertisements, this one from a hardware store in Dunkirk, New York:

30 Sep 1922, Sat Dunkirk Evening Observer (Dunkirk, New York) Newspapers.comnatural gas history

Dunkirk, of course, is not that far from where the natural gas story began in Western New York. Sadly, today, a century later New York wants nothing to do with natural gas (until they need it badly, of course, which is on the horizon).

Cat Creek Fever?

Cat scratch fever or cat creek fever? You be the judge:

30 Sep 1922, Sat Great Falls Tribune (Great Falls, Montana) Newspapers.comnatural gas history

Note that while oil was the big thing, natural gas was also important in Cat Creek!

And, so it was in September 30, 1922, a century ago, with natural gas.

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