Big Green Jobs Killer Mows Down Blue Collar Workers

Clean Energy Doesn’t Happen Without Natural Gas!

Tom Shepstone
Shepstone Management Company, Inc.

The Biden Administration is a big green jobs killer intent upon on courting the special interests of blue blood elites.

Blue collar workers in America now know who their friends are and they do not include the Biden Administration, which has turned into a big green jobs killer. Supposedly green energy is little more than a scam to rip off government rent from the taxpayers for a scheme intended to simultaneously signal the virtues and fill the wallets of blue blood elites. The utter contempt and condescension with which the blue blood champions of green energy view the blue collar workers and taxpayers who bear the burden of this nonsense is front and center for every member of every middle-class household to see. The big green jobs killer that is the Biden Administration has struck and only the naive can fail to see its murderous intent toward oil and gas.

During the election campaign Joe Biden and Kamala Harris tucked their anti-fracking tails between their legs and scampered for cover, denying they ever said what they said about banning it. Now that they’re safely ensconced behind the chain link fence, they have resorted to form and their administration has become a big green jobs killer. They are bragging about killing oil and gas jobs, in fact, and going out of their way to illustrate their hideous contempt for blue collar workers, telling them they don’t know what they’re talking about and that only the Biden Administration knows what’s good for them. Consider what new Transportation Secretary Buttigieg told Senator Ted Cruz during his confirmation hearing:

Notice the total dismissiveness with which the clearly unqualified Buttigieg assures Cruz the union pipeline jobs lost will be replaced by union green jobs. Really? Not if the example of Solyndra and several other failed solar ventures are any indication, of course, but the issue goes much deeper than that. A pipeliner goes through extensive training to gain the right to work on infrastructure projects such as the Keystone Pipeline. It is critical work and it is rewarded with excellent salaries and benefits, an average of $83,047 in Texas, according to Zip Recruiter, compared to $51,792 for solar jobs.

That $32,000 difference is blithely ignored by Buttigieg as he talks up green jobs and infrastructure while he plays the big green jobs killer with an already-in-progress infrastructure project paying real wages. Appeasing the politically correct blue bloods intent on scoring big with green rent from government while beating their chests about their green virtues is far more important than the future of any blue collar pipeliner who is raising a family by helping to provide our nation with energy security. Like this fellow and his workers:

Buttigieg’s dismissiveness of this man’s concerns was no match for John Keerry’s arrogance, though. Kerry, the pompous protester turned uber-rich blowhard senator and Secretary of State with big homes across the plain, is now the Biden Administration’s climate czar or something. He drips his derision for pipeline workers:

Yes, John Kerry is big and thoroughly green. He also relishes his role as a jobs killer fighting climate change as he jets from McMansion to McMansion and to gatherings of the rich and famous in Davos to pontificate on a “crisis” that’s more about putting “deplorables” in their place and elevating elites than climate. Kerry is the sort of fellow who happily kicks his perceived inferiors in the gut, while lecturing them to the effect it’s a damned good thing they have him to look out for their interests.

Our good friend and pipeliner, Guy Williams, isn’t buying it

Guy is 100% correct. The Biden Administration, which postures as a friend of the blue collar worker, is nothing but a front for blue blood elites, a big green jobs killer, aiming to further enrich the wealthy while pinning a green badge on their swollen chests.

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