Shale academy makes progress on new location

The Utica Shale Academy continues to work on preparing the Hutson Building in downtown Salineville for next school year, according to Morning Journal.

The school is already beginning to move into the building with much of the Amatrol equipment used to train students in industrial trade on location. Additionally, plans are in place for a wall to display 42 micro-industry credentials offered by the school. The school hopes to increase the number of credential points offered to 68 with grant money.

The school is also hoping to hear news on an Equity Grant in the next two weeks that would make it possible to put 24 welding stations downstairs in the building. The project would also require partial removal of a vault in the center of the room downstairs. It would then be used to house the gases needed to operate welding machines.

If things work out, the academy hopes to teach basic welding as well as more complicated skills such as bend tested and pipe welding.

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