Power Plants or Candles? The Stark Options for Non-Elites!

Power Plants or Candles? The Stark Options for Non-Elites!

Mark Sertoff NaturalGasNOW
Retired Science/Technology Educator and Musician


[Editor’s Note: Using unsettled science, Joe Biden and Kathy Hochul want to shut down power plants, forcing a shift to green corporatist boondoggles enriching the already rich.]

The EPA’s proposed rules for cutting emissions are so onerous that older generators like Northport and Port Jefferson as well as hundreds around the country will be shut down because the expense to upgrade would be prohibitive. These power stations have operated since the ‘60’s with incredible reliability and cost-effectiveness. They have blessed Long Island and the communities that host them with tax income and life-sustaining, consistent energy. The developed world survives on this.

Power Plants

A main difference between our society and the third world is their lack of affordable, reliable energy.  It is also a matter of survival; one can broil in the heat and freeze in the cold. One can starve for lack of food and water. One can die from inadequate health care facilities and resources.

Note well that these power plants have operated within EPA pollution regulations. Now the EPA is moving the goal posts.  Companies, towns and cities that have relied on the energy for our civilization will be in mortal danger.

It is extremely difficult, costly and lengthy to site, plan, permit and build a new power station.  The real estate is gone. The possibility of rebuilding an old power station to new standards, repowering, may not be cost-effective, especially if there are the preferential power purchase agreements that put wind and solar electricity ahead of fossil fuel generation.

Another consideration is China, Russia, India, and the Global South in general are building fossil-fueled power plants, including coal, at a breathtaking rate, hundreds a year. Why do China, with one of the biggest industrial economies in the world and India, South Africa, Thailand, Cambodia and even Germany and the UK open coal-fueled power plants?  Did they consider prosperity and survival paramount? Decarbonization of NYS and US power plant emissions will have no effect.

Furthermore, wind and solar power operate on average, about 20% of the nameplate capacity of generation. Spinning reserves are mandatory.  Battery backup, aside from the huge expense, child labor and devastation to the environment in obtaining rare earths, may work for a few hours. Where is that coming from if Northport, PJ and other power stations are closed?

Planet Earth, throughout its billions of years, experienced much higher temperatures and CO2.  In fact the Holocene Period, the greatest explosion of flora and fauna in history, flourished with way higher temperatures and CO2.  Life adapted and thrived.  In fact, thousands of scientists confirm there is no CO2 crisis.

Buy some candles if this goes through.

Editor’s Note: Mark’s last post here, on the subject of absolutely ridiculous corporatist offshore wind boondoggles, noted “Gore, Kerry, Bloomberg and others have made billions trading carbon credits and investing in “green” companies. Foreign and domestic wind and solar companies are making a windfall in government taxpayer subsidies. They will get rich while we burn candles.”

How appropriate he ties it all together by advising fellow Long Islanders and the rest of us in similar collateral damage predicaments to buy some candles. He’s correct. It’s all one big scam and I advise readers to watch the great Neil Oliver as he dissects the problem, which can be explained in one word—greed.:

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