Pathocracy Has Arrived with Climate Politics

Pathocracy Has Arrived with Climate Politics

Tom Shepstone
Shepstone Management Company, Inc.

We are living in a pathocracy when it comes to climate politics, all of which is about enriching already rich corporatists who would destroy everything.

Pathocracy was described by Polish psychiatrist Andrew Lobaczewski as ‘a system of government wherein a small pathological minority takes control over a society of normal people.’ I’m reading his book Political Ponerology at the moment. It gets at the root causes of totalitarianism. As I reflected on his words and observations and compare them to our current state of affairs in this nation, I cannot help but think pathocracy captures it perfectly, especially at it relates to what is happening on the climate front. Let’s be honest; our ruling class has gone berserk on global warming and is turning us into a pathocracy.

The pathocracy evidence is everywhere but let’s focus on just three examples. The first has to do with what was revealed yesterday about what our Pentagon top brass were during our horrendous withdrawal from Afghanistan. Here are a few excerpts from the Daily Wire story:

In the two weeks between the fall of Kabul to the Taliban on August 15, 2021, and the final U.S. military flight out of Afghanistan on August 30, Pentagon officials were scrambling with the White House to finalize the Department of Defense Climate Adaptation Plan, a document that declares climate change a major national security risk…

At the center of the push were two senior Pentagon officials: Joe Bryan, the Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Defense for Climate, and Richard Kidd, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Environment & Energy Resilience. The pair traded emails throughout the Afghanistan crisis on the Climate Adaptation Plan, strategizing on how to get it signed by Austin.

“I think it’s a tough lift to get [Secretary of Defense] to sign the CAP this week. He’s not looking at much that isn’t Afghanistan-related,” wrote Bryan on August 17, a day after President Joe Biden addressed the nationabout the ongoing crisis in Kabul. Bryan suggested escalating the issue to a White House official named Andrew Mayock, who was appointed Biden’s Chief Sustainability Officer.

Kidd responded the next morning that this was a “good idea,” because Mayock “gets it” and could give a “must have” deadline from the White House…

On August 30, the final day of the frantic withdrawal, Kidd expressed frustration after Bryan informs him that the plan “hasn’t been signed yet.”

…On September 1, Kidd was informed that the Climate Adaptation plan had been signed and was ready to be sent to Mayock, the White House official.

“Sir, The SECDEF has signed the CAP,” wrote a member of Kidd’s staffwhose name was redacted from the documents. “Congratulations!!!!!”

The full Climate Adaptation Plan, dated September 1, 2021, can be viewed here. In a foreword to the document, Austin states that recognizing the “national security risk posed by climate change” is an “essential step … to defend the nation.”

The Pentagon confirmed to The Daily Wire that Austin spent time during the withdrawal effort to review the Climate Adaptation Plan, but said his priority was Afghanistan.

Yeah, right. The fact our Secretary of Defense took even one second away from the Afghanistan debacle to worry about a climate crisis that 1,609 scientists just said isn’t one is almost as bad as it gets—pathological to be sure—but what’s worse is that he  and our White House occupant had deputies who imagined this was the time to strike, when our men and our allies were murdered in a mad unplanned withdrawal. That’s a pathocracy and I can only echo the words of this Gold Star father about the White House occupants betrayal of our soldiers:

Joe Biden deserved every word of that and now that we know the depths of his pathocracy and callousness of the minions and shills he’s appointed to relentlessly pursue the corporatist climate scam as our soldiers were being slaughtered as a result of his inane decisions, it’s even worse.

The second example comes from a fellow who is the perfect model for the fatal conceit prevalent among our ruling class. I’m talking about Bill Gates, who created a sub-par nerdy imitation of the Apple computer and rode it into super-wealth and influence over things he knows but superficially. He’s the sort of man-child most of us are inclined to tell to just go away, but Klaus Schwab loves him and knows how to flatter his ego, so he’s still here funding this:

A California startup is pursuing a novel, if simple, plan for ensuring that dead trees keep carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere for thousands of years: burying their remains underground.

Kodama Systems, a forest management company based in the Sierra Nevada foothills town of Sonora, has been operating in stealth mode since it was founded last summer. But MIT Technology Review can now report the company has raised around $6.6 million from Bill Gates’s climate fund Breakthrough Energy Ventures, as well as Congruent Ventures and other investors.

In addition, the payments company Stripe will reveal on Thursday that it’s provided a $250,000 research grant to the company and its research partner, the Yale Carbon Containment Lab, as part of a broader carbon removal announcement. That grant will support a pilot effort to bury waste biomass harvested from California forests in the Nevada desert and study how well it prevents the release of greenhouse gases that drive climate change…

“Biomass burial has the potential to become a low-cost, high-scale approach for carbon removal, though there is a need for further investigation into its long-term durability,” said Joanna Klitzke, procurement and ecosystem strategy lead for Stripe.


The new green!

For the last several years, Stripe has pre-purchased tons of carbon dioxide that startups aim to eventually draw out of the air and permanently sequester, in an effort to help build up a carbon removal industry. It has also helped establish a different model for counteracting corporate climate emissions that goes beyond simply purchasing carbon credits from popular offsets projects, such as those that involve planting trees, which have come under growing scrutiny.

Notice the goal “to build up a carbon removal industry.” That’s quite literally the money line here; a new scam to replace the old scam and keep collecting subsidizes from us. It’s now kill the trees instead of planting them. The feature became a bug and the bug has become a feature, both just like that. Only a ruling class pathocracy could do it so easily and without shame. It’s the same with Gates’ other wild-eyed schemes to grow lab meat, block the sun and eat crickets. It’s all about the money and power. Otherwise, he’d give it all up, wouldn’t he? Which brings to a request of Al Gore, namely that he give me back some of the millions he made off carbon credits I subsidized and he used build his mansion.

My final example of our climate obsessed pathocracy is all about the whales. They’re being killed, too, with the acquiescence of the very Federal agencies told to protect the big wonderful mammals. Every day it seems we’re told two stories. One is about yet another dead whale washed up on the East Coast where big boondoggle off-shore wind projects are underway at the insistence of pathocracy governors such as Phil ‘Panderbear’ Murphy and Kathy ‘Huckster’ Hochul. The other story is the fable NOAA keeps trying to sell us that granting of permits to ‘take’ whales doesn’t mean they’re being killed. It’s bald-faced lying but, once again, the environment is yesterday’s cause when climate corporatists want their promised cash flow from we the people.


The people aren’t be fooled by the lies, of course. Polls show support for off-shore wind projects is dropping faster than a 26-ton turbine blade as it plummets down from a height of 853 feet. And, investors are no longer impressed either, but the big lies go because…well…it’s all pathological.

Those are my three examples but, of course, there are dozens more. Canada, Ireland and the Netherlands are all, rushing to kill agriculture, another cause of yesteryear. Germany’s economy is contracting because it won’t stop pursuing some version of the Energiewende. It has picked the winners—green grifters—and now it’s become the loser. We are subsidizing the purchases of EVs by those who can easily afford them but few others want them, so they’re filling every parking lot out there waiting for nirvana to arrive with a check. Biden attacked oil and gas on every front, prices went up and then he emptied our emergency reserves to fight higher prices and sold some of it to China, our enemy but his financier. And, so it goes with our pathocracy. The asylum has been emptied and psychopaths have been put in charge. Such are the desserts fed to us by the climate corporatists (thieves) we’ve somehow enabled.

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