Natural Gas Now Best Picks – May 13, 2023

Natural Gas Now Best Picks – May 13, 2023

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Readers pass along a lot of stuff every week about natural gas, fractivist antics, emissions, renewables, and other news relating to energy.

This week: will Net Zero lead to famine, is the Federal Reserve admitting global warming is no big deal and is the ruling class determined to crush us with debt?

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Is Net Zero Meant to Produce Famine?

Net zero is absolute foolishness and it will yield nothing but famine:

The full horror of the ‘nitrogen’ war on agriculture is becoming more apparent every day. Food supplies around the world face collapse if the use of nitrogen fertiliser is severely restricted under Net Zero requirements. It is claimed that the fertiliser is warming the Earth and causing the climate to break down, as the by-product nitrous oxide is released into the atmosphere. In fact the entire global food supply is in danger of being trashed for the sake of what recent scientific work notes is almost unmeasurable 0.064°C warming per century.

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Policies to address this non-existent crisis have already done enormous harm in Sri Lanka, where a ban on nitrogen fertiliser caused a rapid collapse in food yields, and led to the President fleeing the country in a hurry. The Canadian Government is committed to a 30% reduction in N2O levels by 2030. In the Netherlands, the Government is following European Union instructions and trying to remove farmers from the land. Any compensation paid will be tied to a restriction not to start farming again anywhere in the EU. Political discontent is growing, and there are already fears for the supply of agricultural products since the Netherlands is the second largest food exporter in the world.

Nitrogen is a vital component of plant metabolism which is obtained from the soil. Alas, there is not enough nitrogen in the soil to grow plants at the scale needed to feed global populations. Before the arrival of commercial nitrogen fertilisers, famine was a frequent feature of the unreliable food supply across parts of the world. Without the fertiliser, famine will resume its gruesome role, something mainstream Net Zero politicians have to address in the near future. Virtue-signalling green delusions about ‘rewilding’, bug diets and organic farming will not feed the world, probably not even a quarter of it.

Net Zero is nothing more than a fig leaf for the greatest grift ever as corporatists seek to steal trillions from ordinary people in the form of green energy subsidies. Moreover, fertilizer is made using natural gas, so killing it is crucial to the grifters. But, is there even more to the story. Is famine also part of the plan. Is the ruling class determined to “reduce the surplus population” after it steals what little these folks possess?

Hat Tip: S.H.

Federal Reserve Tells World There Are
Much Bigger Problems Than Global Warming!

Your first reaction, like mine, will probably be that this is a breath of fresh air from a Federal Reserve Governor:

I don’t see a need for special treatment for climate-related risks in our financial stability monitoring and policies. As policymakers, we must balance the broad set of risks we face, and we have a responsibility to prioritize using evidence and analysis. Based on what I’ve seen so far, I believe that placing an outsized focus on climate-related risks is not needed, and the Federal Reserve should focus on more near-term and material risks in keeping with our mandate.

Well, that’s nice, but what does it really mean? First, one must recognize this is only of the numerous governors of the Federal Reserve, Secondly, one must bear in mind no government entity has more contributed to the wealth of the ruling class and the ability to grift off government than the Federal Reserve, which financed the COVID corruption that was the greatest wealth transfer in history. Finally, one must understand the situation the Federal Reserve has helped create; one where the United States is about to financially implode due to spending, printing of money and inflation. Global warming, from that perspective, is a gnat on an elephant and the only way out is to lower inflation by cutting spending drastically and drilling for natural gas and oil like there is no tomorrow to destroy inflation.

natural gas nowSee what I mean?

Hat Tip: R.N. 

The Ruling Class Is, Nevertheless, Determined to Have Its Grifting
And Is Pleased to Crush You With Debt to Achieve Its Goal

 If any more evidence were needed…

The Wall Street Journal notes the Ballooning Size of Wind and Solar Projects Draws Local Ire as “County-by-county battles are raging as wind and solar projects balloon in size, edge closer to cities and encounter mounting pushback in communities from Niagara Falls to the Great Plains and beyond. Projects have slowed. Even in states with a long history of building renewables, developers don’t know if they can get local permits or how long it might take.”

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“In Kansas, wind power grew rapidly for two decades and supplies around 45% of the electricity generated in-state, ranking it third in the nation. But at least five counties in more-populous eastern Kansas have recently placed moratoriums or bans on new wind or solar projects, joining 18 others that already restricted wind development to preserve the tallgrass prairie ecosystem.”

“The U.S., though, is a patchwork of state and local governments with different rules on development, and opposition to projects has mounted for myriad reasons. Increasingly, many communities are concerned that the rapidly expanding size of wind and solar farms will irreparably alter the complexion of where they live.”


“In Michigan, a typical solar project once covered 60 acres but now would take up 1,200, said Sarah Mills, a senior project manager at the University of Michigan’s Graham Sustainability Institute. Ms. Mills said they may need to get smaller—and more expensive—to be more socially acceptable.”

More wind farms and solar are inevitable. But without battery storage, neither is reliable.

Natural gas, coal, and nuclear plants are not meant to be turned on and off at the whim of clouds, wind, cold fronts, and heat waves.

But here we are pushing technologies without any infrastructure remotely in place.

Penn Wharton revised its estimate of the cost of the inflation reduction act significantly higher based on Biden’s actual implementation of the deal.

And when these allegedly clean energy solutions fail in the mandated time frame, a demand to do something to fix the problems is guaranteed.

This will inevitably mean the ridiculously named “Inflation Reduction Act” will lead to an even bigger boondoggle “Son of the Inflation Reduction Act.”

That about says it all, doesn’t it?

Hat Tip: D.N.

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