Freedom Is at Stake This Memorial Day: We Are at War Again

Freedom Is at Stake This Memorial Day: We Are at War Again

Tom Shepstone
Shepstone Management Company, Inc.

We honor, this Memorial Day, the sacrifices made by others for freedom even as we are at war again, albeit in a much different venue, for the very same thing.

Don’t be fooled. We are at war today. It’s a war over the very same thing—freedom—that we have fought for repeatedly. No one can deny freedom has sometimes been abused as an excuse for war and we must be wary of those who practice such deceit but, today, we are in a war specifically about freedom; freedom of enterprise, freedom of travel and, especially, freedom of speech to question conventional wisdom and speak truth to power. Freedom of speech in Western Civilization, in fact, has never been so threatened as it is today. Elites, under the banner of an anti-disinformation theology are attacking it on every front. It is the war of our time and is succeeding because we no longer teach history.


Yes, we are losing. The war on freedom today is being won by elites who want to control every little thing we say and do. Think about all the freedoms we gave up, during COVID, to a government that didn’t have the slightest clue what it was doing but felt the power and, so, did it anyway. Never have so many blindly followed authority and failed to even question it. Moreover, they largely got away with it because there is no longer a free press except in obscure places such as this tiny blog. Major media players all lined up with the government’s company line and Big Tech squelched any impure thoughts.

Big Tech and Little Old Tech (major conventional media) have adopted the same strategy with respect to election integrity, global warming and foreign wars. NGOs and other elite entities are in there too, all marching in lockstep and ever more determined to control not only our actions and our speech but even our thoughts and language. Political correctness is now institutionalized at every level of human activity. We have turned things upside down to the extent that members of the press once proud to publish the Pentagon Papers are now the agents and purveyors of CDC, CIA and FBI lies.

If you are, at this point, thinking old white-haired Shepstone has really lost it this time, think about how Big Pharma and government manipulated COVID to pursue power and wealth at the expense of freedom. The lockdowns were the crime of of a century, if not a millennium. The collusion was worldwide, the tactics theretofore unimaginable in a free society and yet, aside from Sweden, Africa and close-knit societies such as the Amish, it was all accepted. The sycophant press and all tech outfits closed ranks to make it official, in fact. Few dared challenge it and those who did, such as the Canadian truckers, were crushed by government stealing their money with full support by media that had previously been the best friend of any protester.

Think, too, about 15 minute cities, John Kerry’s attack on farmers, the Dutch attack on farmers and France’s recent shutdown of short-haul air flights. All this has been done to fight what Jim Willis rightly labels “mythical global warming” that amounts to nothing more than speculation based on non-working models. Think, too, about the ridiculously long stream of blame placed on this theoretical global warming for everything from forest fires to earthquakes to the length of your nose hair. It has exceeded the bounds of even ridicule at this point, having gotten so utterly silly.

Finally, think about the heavily coordinated campaign by the Church of Anti-Disinformation (CAD) against what I’m doing here; speaking a few words of dissent. The Epoch Times reports the following:

Senior European Union officials were furious over the weekend after Twitter owner Elon Musk pulled the social media platform out of the bloc’s “Code of Practice,” which critics say is tantamount to a censorship regime.

The EU’s internal market commissioner, Thierry Breton, wrote that Twitter left the bloc’s Code of Practice, after reports claimed the platform would do so. Breton warned that Twitter would face some legal liabilities.

“Twitter leaves EU voluntary Code of Practice against disinformation. But obligations remain. You can run, but you can’t hide,” Breton wrote. “Beyond voluntary commitments, fighting disinformation will be legal obligation under #DSA as of August 25. Our teams will be ready for enforcement.”

One look at Thierry Breton’s Wikipedia page says it all; French upper class, Harvard professor, corporatist-at-large and unelected unaccountable official of European Union. Breton is the pitch perfect example of the elitists who are at war with us and with our freedoms. And, he means business, telling Musk he can’t hide and that he, Breton, will enforce his rules on the former.

Yes, we are war.  Fight back, resist and “live not by lies.”

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