Eastern Ohio to Receive GE’s New Most Advanced, Gas Turbine Ever

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GE will provide its record-setting HA gas turbine, the company’s most advanced and efficient technology ever, for a new energy project in Eastern Ohio.

Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLC is developing a project known as the  Long Ridge Energy Terminal in Eastern Ohio. It will, according to the company, be “the Appalachian Basin’s leading multimodal energy terminal.” It involves two barge docks on the Ohio River, a unit train capable loop track and direct access to Ohio Route 7 and a new 485 MW power plant now under development which will utilize HE’s latest and best gas turbine.

gas turbine

GE H-class Gas Turbine

Here’s the exciting news from GE:

GE Power today announced that Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLC, a global company that owns and acquires high quality transportation equipment and infrastructure across aviation, energy and rail, has selected GE’s HA gas turbine technology for the Long Ridge Energy Generation LLC Project in Hannibal, Ohio.

GE’s 7HA.02 gas turbine, the world’s largest and most efficient heavy-duty gas turbine, will be the heart of the 485-MW power plant project. The order also includes one GE steam turbine and generator, one heat recovery generator (HRSG), and a multi-year services agreement.

“We are excited to work together with GE, and thanks to its HA technology the Long Ridge Energy Generation LLC Project will provide efficient and low-cost energy for Ohio,” said Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLC’s CEO, Joe Adams. “The construction of the project will also provide new jobs in the greater Ohio community.”

The plant will produce electricity used for industrial applications, and will also be able to provide flexible, reliable electricity for consumers. Kiewit Power Constructors Co. will be responsible for the construction of the power plant project which is scheduled to begin immediately and to be completed by November 2021.

“We are proud of our collaboration with Fortress on the Long Ridge Energy Generation Project and are honored that the Fortress team selected GE as their technology partner.  This combined-cycle plant featuring our HA gas turbine will offer Fortress enhanced flexibility and efficiency, while providing reliable electricity for industrial customers in the region.” said Dave Ross, President of Sales, North America for GE Power.

GE’s HA fleet of gas turbines has surpassed more than 250,000 operating hours and has secured more than 85 orders from 35+ customers across more than 16 countries. Recently, GE announced an award in Taiwan and an order in United Arab Emirates for its HA gas turbine.

GE’s HA technology has been recognized as the cornerstone for two “Top Gas Projects” from POWER Magazine and as a “Best Gas-Fired Project” by Power Engineering, set two world records for efficiency across the 50hz and 60hz segments, and continues to be the fastest growing fleet of gas turbines in the world.

What’s amazing is the efficiency of these units, which is more twice that of any solar or wind energy facility. Here’s how GE describes it in the on-line brochure accompanying the above graphic:

Our power generation experience is filled with industry firsts and impressive milestones, culminating in the 2014 introduction of the highly efficient HA gas turbine. Other OEMs have followed suit, but none can offer the outstanding performance, reliability, efficiency, and expertise of GE H-class gas turbine. Our engineers were the first to leverage new gas turbine technology and achieve 62.22% combined-cycle net efficiency (at EDF Bouchain in 2016 with a 9HA.01) and 63.08% combined-cycle gross efficiency (at Chubu’s Nishi Nagoya in 2018 with a 7HA.01), and 65% efficiency is on our horizon. Advanced gas turbine materials and coating as well as evolving combustor technology are putting our H-class turbines ahead of the curve with the industry’s lowest gas turbine levelized cost of electricity (LCOE), building on our heritage of continuous improvement and innovation.

What GE is demonstrating here is that no matter how fast solar and wind technology is evolving, natural gas technology is moving ahead at an even faster clip, which is why they’re always out there somewhere on the economic horizon while gas keeps getting the job done.

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