China, Having Bought Out Biden, Is Playing Climate with Us!

China, Having Bought Out Biden, Is Playing Climate with Us!

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[Editor’s Note: China can be beaten at everything but, with compromised Joe Biden in charge, the Chinese Communist Party is implying playing stupid climates games with America.]

If you do not regularly read JoNova, you are missing a real treat. No one does a better job putting it all together—energy, politics and science—than does she. You can also find a wonderful interview with her by Alexandra Marshall here. Jo Nova does a fantastic job exposing the underlying fallacies of all climate claptrap and her post today (yesterday if you’re from down under), makes a mockery of the unbearable John Kerry, America climate czar, who Joe Biden, indebted to China by having apparently taken huge bribes, has assigned to cozy up to the CCP and pretend we’re all in this global warming thing together.

One “Our World of Data” chart used by Jo in her story tells all. It it this:


Assuming for the moment that it matters, the U.S. has lowered its CO2 emissions dramatically by switching from coal to natural gas. China’s emissions have soared and they are building two coal plants a week. Yet, there’s John Kerry in China, being treated like the lackey he is, assuring the world China is with us in pursuing his agenda. No greater  sycophant to the cause exists than John Kerry, after all. Oblivious (or is perfectly aware and just that dishonest) to the corporatism behind the climate scam; the opportunity to steal trillions and consolidate elitist power, Kerry keeps uttering blather and maintaining the ruse.

Jo Nova on the matter:

China’s output of carbon dioxide is set to reach a new record high in 2023. It grew 4 percent in the first quarter this year alone.

Apparently China is committed to deadlines but not to a path, or a tempo, or a public plan, or any kind of transparency:

China remained “unwaveringly” committed to reaching its peak in carbon emissions before 2030 and becoming carbon neutral by 2060, he told them this week, according to the official People’s Daily on Wednesday.

“But,” Mr. Xi added, “the pathway and means for reaching this goal, and the tempo and intensity, should be and must be determined by ourselves, and never under the sway of others.” New York Times

China is effectively saying, it has a secret plan, “Trust us”

If China has any plan at all for “carbon neutrality” it’s to go nuclear as fast as it can. It will likely overtake the US as the largest nuclear power nation in the world before 2030. But if this was the plan, why keep it a secret? Is China afraid the West will realize they should build nuclear plants too, or is it because there is no plan at all? After all, China is still building two new coal plants every week. Who believes they are constructing 100 coal plants a year but are planning for emissions to start falling consistently and meaningfully in less than seven years?

Exactly! And, not only that but China clearly wants to invade Taiwan while Joe Biden is in office. They know well he has refused them nothing and cannot because they have the ability to destroy him and the rest of his apparent crime family in an instant by simply disclosing their relationship. That’s the real world today.


The CCP flag

China is our enemy and they have compromised us in every possible way. John Kerry’s trip was simply another instance of American leadership bowing to the dictator who’s really in charge. It’s all one gigantic scam that benefits China. And, Biden, like the corporatists promoting the scam, has sold us out and continues to do so, although, to be fair, there are plenty of Republicans doing the same (Mitch McConnell, to name the most obvious example).

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