The salary is just a small slice of a CEO's pay

For this week’s CEO Issue, I pulled some data from the public filings of companies in our rankings to get an idea of salary and total compensation for these top positions.

Some of you long time readers may remember our last ranking of the Highest-Paid Plastics Industry Executives back in 2015. Donald Walker, CEO of the Ontario-based automotive firm, Magna International Inc., topped the list back then and today with 2019 total compensation of $18.2 million. Magna International Inc. itself ranks at No. 36 with estimated sales of $265 million in our most recent North American injection molders ranking. For Magna’s total sales of $39.4 billion, Walker’s take is but 0.05 percent of its annual revenue. His base salary of $325,000 remains unchanged from fiscal 2014.

Packaging firm, UFP Technologies Inc. tops the list of the largest pay to sales ratio for R. Jeffrey Bailly, chairman, CEO, and president at 1.17 percent.

Miles White, chairman & CEO of Abbott Laboratories, has the largest salary at $1.9 million. White stepped down March 31, and is now executive chairman. Robert Ford has succeeded him as CEO and president of the medical device manufacturer.

Take a look at how the total pay of $248.46 million breaks out: 14 percent ($34.1 million) is salary and 86 percent ($214.3 million) is from bonuses and other compensation.

Talking numbers can be a bit dry, so I’ve pulled together a couple of charts to represent the research on the 37 executives, with both salary and totals reported, along with the top executives for salary and total compensation.

The full list of 47 CEOs is available in our data store. This MS Excel file includes stock market, ticker, website, executive, salary, total compensation and total sales. For those firms included in our sales-based rankings, we’ve added the process, position and related sales for the most recent listing.

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