Poll: Majority of Americans Support Continued LNG Exports, Increasing Domestic Oil and Natural Gas Production

Recent polling proves President Biden’s pause on liquified natural gas (LNG) export approvals remains unsupported.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) released polling showing 89 percent of Americans, including Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, believe the United States should continue to supply natural gas to our European allies and other countries. On the results of the poll, API President and CEO Mike Sommers explained 

“[I]t’s clear the American people see that misguided policy choices today can sow the seeds of tomorrow’s energy crisis… voters on both sides of the aisle know we are on the wrong path on energy policy. With much at stake for our economy and national security, it’s time for Washington to change course and forge a bipartisan path that embraces all reliable and affordable American energy.”  

Similarly, new polling conducted by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and funded by the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago (EPIC), shows a plurality of Americans believe the United States should expand its natural gas exports.  

The polling finds that 41 percent of respondents support expanding U.S. natural gas exports while only 19 percent oppose expanding U.S. natural gas exports.  Additionally, 45 percent of respondents support expanding U.S. oil and gas production, showing favorable views toward the energy industry and its ability to provide energy security domestically and globally.  

In January, the Biden administration announced a pause on LNG export approvals to non-FTA countries. This “temporary” pause with seemingly no set end date has been widely condemned by both Democrats and Republicans here in the United States and by allies abroad. In fact, U.S. allies have remained vocal in their belief that the pause of U.S. LNG export approvals amounts to abandonment by the United States.  Furthermore, industry experts have spoken at length about the side effects of the LNG pause, from the global ramifications of allies having to find critical gas supply elsewhere to the adverse consequences the pause will have on education, workforce, and jobs here in the United States.  

Responsible Production  

The poll also found that a majority of respondents rate the air quality of where they live as “good” or “excellent/very good.” These positive views align with a recent report from the Energy Information Administration which found that natural gas is responsible for the majority of reductions in carbon dioxide emissions from the power sector – proving that responsible natural gas production is a climate solution to yield better air quality.  

This is especially important as natural gas demand is expected to rise and as nations globally attempt to reach decarbonization goals. 

Bottom line: This poll is yet another example that Americans understand the critical role the oil and natural gas industry plays in ensuring global energy security while maintaining America’s energy prowess. It’s time the Biden administration listens. 

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