Penn College (and Other Great Schools) Earn Coterra Support!

Penn College (and Other Great Schools) Earn Coterra Support!

George Stark
Director, External Affairs
Coterra Energy


[Editor’s Note: Coterra Energy has been a huge vocational education supporter and the amazing Penn College is one of several schools to earn financial support from the company.]

Coterra is a staunch advocate of career and technology education (CTE), dedicated to fostering a skilled and capable workforce across the nation, from Hobbs, New Mexico to Geary, Oklahoma, to Montrose, Pennsylvania. It is with great enthusiasm that we unveil our ongoing commitment to support the Pennsylvania College of Technology’s (Penn College) dual enrollment program with a donation of $35,000 throughout the upcoming 2023-24 academic year.

Penn College

This support significantly expands Penn College’s dual enrollment initiative, providing academically motivated high school and career and technology center students with the opportunity to seamlessly enroll in college courses for credit without the burden of tuition. Penn College’s remarkable achievement of a 96% graduate placement rate underscores its resolute dedication to nurturing proficient graduates primed to meet the contemporary demands of the workforce.

For the third consecutive year, Coterra is utilizing the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) Program to support Penn College’s efforts. The EITC program allows Coterra, or any Businesses authorized to do business in PA, to allocate a portion of its PA Corporate Net Income tax into approved education programs. Since 2021, this innovative program has already assisted over 2000 students with Penn College credit, marking a significant milestone in their educational journeys.

George Stark, Director of External Affairs at Coterra, articulates how important CTC education is to the company: “We believe in the transformative power of education, especially in career and technical fields.” Coterra’s partnership with Penn College underscores its dedication to fostering excellence in career education throughout the state.

President Michael J. Reed of Penn College acknowledges the significance of Coterra’s support. “Earning college credit for courses taken in high schools and career and technology centers gives students a head start on their higher-education experience while allowing them and their families to save money,” says Reed. This support not only accelerates the path to a college degree but also paves the way to secure sustainable employment.

In this collaborative effort to turn dreams into tangible achievements, Coterra and Penn College shine as beacons of hope, providing students with valuable opportunities to realize their aspirations and make meaningful contributions to the advancement of the Commonwealth. Together, they cultivate the seeds of innovation, skill, and knowledge that promise a prosperous future for generations ahead.

Coterra’s EITC donation will pay 2023-24 Academic Year participation fees for:

Benton Area School District, Berks Career & Technology Center, Bradford Area School District, Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology, Central Westmoreland Career & Tech Center, Chester County Technical College High School, Columbia-Montour Area Vocational-Technical School, Cumberland-Perry Area Vocational-Technical School, Dauphin County Technical School, East Lycoming School District (Hughesville High School), Eastern Westmoreland Career & Technology Center, Franklin County Career and Technology Center, Greater Altoona Career & Technology Center, Jersey Shore Area School District, Keystone Central School District (Career & Technology Center), Lycoming Career and Technology Center, Montgomery Area School District, Montoursville Area School District, Northern Tier Career Center, Northumberland County Career and Technology Center, Seneca Highlands Career and Technical Center, South Williamsport Area School District, Southern Tioga School District/North Penn-Mansfield High School and North Penn-Liberty High School, Sullivan County School District, SUN Area Technical Institute, Troy Area School District, Wellsboro Area School District, Williamsport Area School District, and York County School of Technology.

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