Natural Gas – 100 Years Ago Today, March 17, 1923!

Natural Gas – 100 Years Ago Today, March 17, 1923!

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Natural gas news from a hundred years ago offers great perspective for discussing one of the cleanest sources of energy available then and still today.

I thought it might be fun and illuminating to look back 100 years ago at what was happening with natural gas. It is eye opening, given all we’ve learned over the last century. There is, indeed, little new under the sun, as our stories repeatedly demonstrate. Natural Gas – 100 Years Ago Today, March 17, 1923. Read our 100-year old news items on the subjects of a natural gas volcano in Montana, fossil fuel competition in New York and Windsor natural gas rate wars!

101 Uses for Natural Gas?

Who doesn’t like this story?

17 Mar 1923, Sat New Castle News (New Castle, Pennsylvania) Newspapers.comnatural gas history

There’s just nothing natural gas can’t do, is there?

No……no there’s not!

The Battle Between Coal and Natural Gas Didn’t Start with Fracking

This is not so easy to follow, but it does tell us fossil fuel competition is nothing new:

17 Mar 1923, Sat The Buffalo Commercial (Buffalo, New York) Newspapers.comNatural gas history

Notice how warm weather caused problems long before “global warming.”

And, War Over Rates Were Just As Common

Natural gas was always a disruptor, of course:

17 Mar 1923, Sat Detroit Free Press (Detroit, Michigan) Newspapers.comnatural gas history

Disruptors are always advancing things, though, and one of the reasons for natural gas industry success has been continuous innovation, something never appreciated by “green energy” advocates who fail to grasp they’re working with yesterday’s low density energy technology and will never effectively compete without subsidies.

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