Drillers pay Ohio counties $141.9M in taxes

Carroll, Columbiana, Harrison, Belmont, Guernsey, Jefferson, Monroe and Noble counties in Ohio received $141.9 million in real estate property taxes from drilling from 2010-2017, according to the report released Wednesday by the Ohio Oil and Gas Association and Energy in Depth.

Kallanish Energy Reported the top three counties benefiting from tax collections during the same period were as follows:

Harrison County — $40.8 million

Carroll County — $34.6 million

Monroe County — $17.2 million

In 2017, the top tax collectors were:

Harrison County — $12.5 million

Carroll County — $8.5 million

Belmont County — $8.0 million

It’s projected the eight Ohio shale counties could collect $200 million to $250 million in property taxes between 2016-2026, said Dan Alfaro of Energy in Depth.

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