Amcor adds carbon footprint data to lifecycle assessment

Packaging giant Amcor Ltd. has a new lifecycle assessment service consumer brands can use to share their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint with their customers.

Brands using the Advanced Sustainability Stewardship Evaluation Tool (Asset) have the option to carry the “Reducing CO2 Packaging” label from the Carbon Trust on packaging made by Amcor.

Asset first launched over 10 years ago, as a software tool in the company’s product development process. It enables Amcor to apply a lifecycle-based approach to identify opportunities to improve the sustainability of packaging solutions.

Detailed packaging lifecycle reports provide data-based comparisons of the environmental impact of different packaging solutions, enabling brand owners to make informed packaging decisions. In financial year 2020, Amcor conducted 1,459 assessments using Asset, bringing the total number of assessments in the database to 9,614.

“We work with customers to help them measure and reduce their packaging’s carbon footprint,” said Gerald Rebitzer, sustainability director for Amcor flexibles. “This can be achieved by using lower-impact materials such as films made from plant-based material instead of fossil-fuels; by designing for recycling streams; light weighting and other methods.”

The system’s methodology and reporting content is certified by the Carbon Trust, a global leader in carbon management and carbon footprint certification based in London, Every year, the Carbon Trust audits and certifies the methodology used in Asset, so brands can be assured that their lifecycle assessments are up-to-date and meet relevant industry standards, Amcor said in a news release.

Products carrying the Reducing CO2 label are certified to have achieved a reduction of their carbon footprint year over year. The label indicates that the company has committed to achieving ongoing footprint reductions.

“Consumers are concerned about climate change and want to reward those brands that demonstrate they are taking action,” Rebitzer said.

The label is available for use on packaging that can show at least a 20 percent reduction in the carbon footprint. The first Amcor customer pilot for the labelling service has been successfully completed. Other uses are expect to accelerate in coming months.

Amcor, based in Melbourne, Australia, also has a deal in hand to sell its European Hospital Packaging Business to Sterimed Group.

The hospital packaging operation has facilities in France, Germany and Spain with annual sales of 42 million euros ($51.1 million) producing flexible packaging for hospitals and medical device manufacturers.

Sterimed is based near Paris and already worked closely with the Amcor business unit.

Terms of the sale were not announced, but it is expected to be complete in 2021.

Globally, Amcor has 47,000 employees at 230 locations with both flexible and rigid packaging and annual sales of $12.5 billion.

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