Site Selection Consulting

At Ohio River Corridor, our team can:

  • Help you connect the dots between our region and the rest of the world.
  • Aid you in finding the best location for your organization.
  • Put our connections in the region to work for you.

 Ohio River Corridor, LLC has a deep understanding of the available locations for development along the Ohio River. We know the best places for present and future facilities. And since we’re active in the area on a consistent, regular basis we have the best intel on the status of current and planned projects in the region.

We know choosing the exact right location for your facility can be difficult, especially in an area that’s changing as rapidly as the corridor. There are a number of factors to consider when trying to discover just the right site:

  • economic incentives
  • workforce availability
  • infrastructure and logistical considerations
  • proximity to suppliers and customers
  • available real estate, including buildings and available land

Ohio River Corridor, LLC is here to put our knowledge of the region to support your decision-making process as you look for the best location for your new site or expansion of production. We’re here to help your organization connect the dots between the local market and the rest of the world.

Whether you’re looking to locate a manufacturing plant, a new corporate headquarters or regional office, or a retail business to take advantage of the booming growth, our site selection consultation services will help you understand all the significant factors to enhance your operations right now and for the long-term. We even have a number of our own properties for sale.

We are growing a new Plastics Belt over what was once known as the Rust Belt. As the Shell Pennsylvania Petrochemical Complex in Monaca, PA continues to move toward completion, additional new suppliers and manufacturers will serve as the economic engine that will continue to shape a Northeastern/Midwest United States petrochemical hub.

We know the region. We know real estate. And we have the proper connections to help you navigate the myriad factors that go into the best site selection. We’re prepared to help you make sense of the labor market (including unionization), potential competition and conflicts, infrastructure assessment and logistics, economic incentives and tax liabilities, transportation, construction assistance and utilities availability.

We’ve done our homework. Let us show you how our knowledge can support you in making the best decision for your business.